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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    Well, I tried driving to the limit of the trip computer, but still only went 340 miles.

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    Does any one have experience with putting trailer lights on FEH?
    I use my feh on my farm. can only fit 30 1/2 bushel boxes in the back with the seats down need more cargo capacity. Needed minor modification to attach oem hitch. I also installed a moon roof- I don't like AC.

    A point of interest- the slow leaking tire I had had a bigger impact on fuel than my other modifications. It took a week to notice the tire was going down but the fuel gauge showed the problem first.

    Regarding my experience over the last 11,000 miles-
    -battery is not strong enough for rolling hills even at slow speeds engine kicks in too soon for my liking.
    -the engine will kick in regardless of recharge demand -for example coasting down a hill, careful to keep under 40mph and careful to gentle brake to get charge not actual braking, the engine will still come on to recharge?
    -My v8 dodge pickup got 8-15 mpg my FEH gets 25- 29 with the same application- you know I love that,,
    -awd is excellent.
    -Road trips of 10 miles or more can result in best mpg, short trips shoot the average, unfortunately in my life I do lots of short trips.
    -my best tank average was 30 mpg. 22 worst.
    -My son and I who are geeks about the car get at least 3 mpg better than my wife who thinks it is just a car with a good cd player
    -computer overstates actual fuel use by +/- 2mpg
    -it is still hard for me to get used to 4000rpm needed on steep hills. I do try hard to keep rpms below2000.
    -for best results. the idea of start on battery then once engine kicks in -usually between 20and 30mph, but always by 40- push up to appropriate driving speed by going to 2500-3000 rpm, then drop back to under 2000 results my FEH best efficency

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    Dhodge, read the technical section of this article:
    The FEH has a air conditioner coil (evaporator) in the battery compartment to cool the batteries. If it thinks the batteries are getting too hot, it will start the engine to run the AC for the battery. That is one reason the engine may start when you don't expect it to. I think that is one thing Ford does different than Toyota. Keeping the battery cooler makes it last longer so they added the battery AC. Does anyone know if the other hybrids have the battery AC?

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    I just wanted to add in my experience with my 2005 AWD Escape Hybrid which was purchased 5 months ago. I live in a hilly city in Colorado and our in-town mileage has averaged about 29mpg. But when we are cruising in the mountains we get 32-35 mpg. We haven't had any performance issues going up hill. we hold our own with most of the other traffic on the interstate highway passes. We've taken it on dirt and gravel mountain backroads and it has performed well thus far. Curious how things go in the snow this winter? To date, I'm a happy customer. But they really should revise the city EPA rating since it seems hardly anyone achieves that. I usually got EPA on other vehicals that I've owned in the past. That said, this SUV has performed very well.

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    In Feb. 2005 we bought our FEH at Old Bridge Ford in Old Bridge, NJ (it was an excellent buying experience by the way). My wife had it for a while but she ended up getting a Toyota Sienna minivan to haul our pack of young uns easier. So, only since May, have I been using the FEH. I drive the kids to school through Princeton traffic and then along Route 1 a short distance to the office, and then in the evening back home on either Route 1 (lots of slow traffic) or through Princeton.

    The good news: my mileage keeps going up from tank to tank. Unfortunately, with a 25 mile round trip per day and the very good gas mileage I'm getting from the FEH, I don't get to fill up the tank too often. I heard that gas prices went up recently but haven't had an opportunity to fill up over the last couple of weeks so haven't really noticed it. The last tank was 36.2 MPG average and currently I am sitting at 37.0 with about 300 miles run on the current tank of gas. Maybe next week I'll get to fill up and see what has happened to prices.

    In my opinion, the secret to good gas mileage is truly driver-dependent. Here are my observations:

    (1) Accelerate carefully. Watch the little gauge on the left with the needle that indicates gas (white) versus electric (green) engine usage. There is a certain point in the green part of the gauge above which the gas will always come on. Keep in electric for as long as possible by watching the needle and keep it in the green (and ignore the horns behind you, over time your foot will get better tuned at accelerating while keeping in electric)

    (2) Over 40 MPH the gas engine will always come on. Stay below 40 MPH whenever you can.

    (3) Plan your route to enjoy stop and go traffic on streets that don't tend to have cars going more that 30 of 40 MPH. It'll keep you in electric longer.

    (4) Learn to use the Hybrid Tap(TM), that gentle tap on the brake you use when you are going less than 40 MPH which can cause the gas engine to shut off and switch to electric. I use this on down hills and approaching stop lights and stop signs.

    (5) Get into the inventive spirit about seeing what you can do to improve your MPG. You'll be surprised at what you may be able to do.

    A final note, the other car I drive sometimes in place of my FEH is a 1992 Porsche 968. By my reckoning, my FEH has better power then the Porsche, but the Porsche handles better in the curves. The gas mileage can't be compared. But how often can you compare a Ford to a Porsche in a head to head and the Ford come out ahead?

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    Hi, Bill H. Good to hear of your driving experience with the FEH. My wife drives ours most of the time but I got to drive it for 10 days on vacation. I tried to get maximum gas mileage since gas was mostly over $3 per gallon and learned most of the techniques you described. Some of the things you learn driving the FEH carry over to conventional vehicles. I presently have gone well over 300 miles on a tank in my 2003 Explorer driving to and from work. I used to have to fill it at about 250 miles. If more cars had the MPG feed back of the FEH, drivers would find out where they are wasting gas and could develop driving skills that would save a lot of fuel. One of the tricks that seems to help the Explorer the most is to cut idling time to a minimum. I don't start the engine untill I am ready to roll and cut it as soon as the transmission is in park.

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    How much does the roof rack on the FEH affect gas milage? My 4WD FEH has been getting the EPA rating of 29MPG on the highway at 65MPH with the AC operating. I took the two roof rack rails off to get a dent repaired and got 32MPG on a 120 mile trip this last weekend. I don't think the rails should make a 3MPG difference but wanted to know if anyone else has taken them off and noticed any difference in gas milage.

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    I've only had my 4wd HEV for a couple of days now. I guess there's no definitive driver's guide for it, just the tips and tricks fellow owners come up with in these forums. Can anyone tell me why sometimes I find that from a dead stop, the vehicle will begin its acceleration with the ICE instead of the electric drive?
    The battery appears to be normally charged and I am only attempting to accelerate slowly.
    Also, when this occurs, tapping the brake does not switch it over.

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    Ray, the FEH decides to run the ICE for at least three reasons. One is that you are asking for more acceleration than the electric motor can provide and the second is that the battery needs charging. The other I know of is that the battery compartment needs cooling. There is an evaporator coil from the air conditioning system in the battery compartment and the ICE is started to keep the batteries cool. You may also notice that the air from the vents gets very cold even when you have the controls in the vent position with the AC off. I can make about a mile at 25MPH on battery and then the ICE will run for about 10 seconds.

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    Actual Mileage for Ford Escape Hybrid

    Thanks Jay.
    Assuming that my battery needs charging when this happens, I guess it stands to reason that letting the engine charge the battery while idle, then shut off before I drive would be better for fuel efficiency.
    I'm interested in knowing if you are still seeing an improved MPG without the racks on the roof.

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