I just read through all of the comments, doing a little research about the FEH. With gas prices going north, and rumors of it stabilizing around $3/gal (it's about $2.50 here for 87 now) I may consider selling my current car (03 Hyundai Tiburon, averages about 20mpg up to about 28 highway) on a FEH.

I had a Honda Insight for about a year from March 02 to May 03, and learned a lot. The comments about how the driver affects the fuel efficiency are extremely true. With a vehicle like the Insight, you could really see what affected mileage, as the affects were accentuated more. I was able to get 72mpg on a highway trip once, but my commute would usually fall between 50-55mpg, which was on the low side.

I traded it off due to my short commute. I live 2 miles from where I work, and the poor little Insight just didn't have room to stretch it's legs to regenerate. I found myself wanting some way to passivly recharge it. I also found that a much more capacitive battery and a more powerful motor would have helped greatly.

If I end up moving next year, and live further away, and gas prices continue to climb, I may just sell off the Tiburon and pick up a FEH. I wonder if my company's discount through Ford will apply...

I'll definitely stop back here if I do buy one.