Wood, the way the FEH is setup, a charger would damage the computer system and battery. There is some good reading about how everything works in the Ford 2005 Escape Hybrid Powertrain Control / Emission Diagnosis Service Manual. Its $45.00 at the helminc.com website. I recommend it to all FEH owners. I got a full set of FEH manuals on EBay for $111.00, but I was very lucky to find them there.

You can mess this car up from just changing the air filter if you don't know the "Cautions" in the Service Manuals. The system on the FEH can have something wrong with it and still run ok. The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) and Transaxle Control Module (TCM) software and hardware has things like Keep Alive Memory (KAM) chips which stores information about the vehicle operating conditions. There is a network of computers in the FEH that comunicate with each other. The TCM is a robot and takes orders from the PCM. It may make a mistake and the PCM can tell it how to correct itself. Its these mistakes that are stored in the KAM which Ford Techs can retrieve to fix the problem.

Also, a point that most of you do not know is the fact that the 2005 FEH does not have a Passive Anti Theft (PAT) system. This is the blinking red light on the dash and programed key that are on most Ford vehicles. Good news is you can have cheap keys made for your FEH. Bad news is, the PCM will not stop someone from starting you FEH and drive away. The parts on the FEH are probably worth more than what you paid for the vehicle.