I am a little skeptical about the EPA mileage figures quoted for the FEH and other hybrid vehicles. I am currently looking at purchasing a FEH or some other hybrid and feel like I will have to count on the fact that the mileage will be AT LEAST 10mpg less than quoted, especially at highway speeds with any kind of reasonable load (incl. multiple people in the car) and/or non-flat terrain.

From reading this page, my impression is that the people who report figures in the 20-25 mpg range are probably seeing the actual, non-rosy-EPA mileage of the FEH. By the way, that's what my 1987 gas-powered ford aerostar cargo van got fully loaded driving cross-country and through the Rockies. So, have the hybrids come a long way in improving gas economy? Errr...maybe...but maybe not...or maybe not without modified driving habits.

I'm not sure what anyone would expect the dealer to say or do in that event. They must know that 20-25 mpg is a realistic figure under a certain spectrum of conditions. "OH, ok...here's your money back!" Ya...that could happen...

Off-road (or without adjusting driving habits or driving very aggressively), I'm sure the mileage is even worse - maybe take off another 5 to put it in the 15-20 range. Don't get me wrong - I'm not bad-mouthing the car - I just don't think I believe the rosy mileage figures. For light loads with 1 person and reasonable driving habits, I might believe 25-30, which would be consistent with reports.

We're trying to switch to hybrids and just bought a Honda Civic Hybrid to replace another car which is supposed to get 48-50mpg. However, after a number of months, attempting to drive optimally, many miles, trips, etc., it gets around 37-38mpg, especially on long highway trips at 70+mph.

So...what do I do? Buy the FEH? I don't know. I am somewhat disappointed that the hybrid mileage benefits are still so poor relative to what the technology should be able to deliver. My car's engine died today, so I guess I'll have to do something. :-/ I'm just not sure what that something will be.