iam a student in the faculty of engineering, automotive dept. in the final year and my project (experimental work) is about hybrid car and we think alot to make a new application on hybrid vehicle. so if you know any thing which we can do it on hybrid it will be great. but now we want to know some thing about the battery and generator and hope that you help me. first we need to know the max. output voltage and current of the battery, and the generator. secondly we want to know if there is a relation between the magnetic in the generator and the power and torque. and how can i increase the torque qnd power of car with change the generator its permenant magnet, wires. stators and rotor.
if u have any knowledgemnt please tell me and if u have any idea to our project please just tell me
our mail is( hybrid2004_2005@yahoo.com)
i'll wait for ur replay soon. thanks
peter and the group of project