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    Hybrid Convertible

    Any word on the street about a manufacturer putting out a convertible hybrid? I'd like a convertible when my lease is up in 2006, but I'd like a convertible, too.

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    Hybrid Convertable

    I think the carmakers are just inching toward the full range of options, such as a convertible top, for hybrid cars. I've seen articles about hybrid convertibles in a concept car, but nothing even close to production.

    Here's the url for one of those articles:


    It seems to me that a convertible wouldn't be very aerodynamic, but might appeal to a whole new segment of buyers--and it would be a blast to drive.

    Anybody else seen a mention of a hybrid convertible?

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    Hybrid Convertible

    i think overall the current demand for hybrids in general is showing the manufacturers that they need a batch of hybrids to cover:

    1. commuter gas mile needs
    2. general "green" people
    3. larger trucks & vans for simply decent mileage
    4. classy looking cars that are also hybrids

    the technology seems transferable to all these styles. just gotta wait some more...


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    Hybrid Convertible

    Has anyone seen the CS&S on Toyota's concept page? It's 2+2 hybrid convertible with 4 wheel drive. Perfect, but I can't figure out from the web page when it's going to be released!

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    Hybrid Convertible

    No. They just seem to be teasing us. I also like the Subaru B9 Scrambler - great retro look hybrid convertible with AWD. But they don't have any plans to produce it! It was a smash at last year's show in Tokyo, but still no plans. I tried to find a way to go to Europe and buy a SmartCar roadster; hybrid convertible, but no AWD. Altho WA state won't hassle me about licensing it, the Feds won't allow it to be imported! There's the Bush mafia at work. So we're at least two years out. I do also like the Pontiac Solstice coming out next summer/fall. Cute! But no hybrid option. It does have what they call an Ecotec engine. Also a FAB feature - the clamshell top hides completely in the trunk. Check out autos.yahoo.com/newcars/future_cars/pontiac_solstice_2006.html. But if you're like me, you're holding out for a hybrid, and this is just another frustration.

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    Hybrid Convertible

    I researched this about 10 years ago and unless rules have really changed -

    You can import any car to the US- models prior to a set year (it used to be 1966) need no modification.
    Others need to be modified to be allowed in the country.

    DOT, Customs, and EPA all have rules.

    Look here

    If you decide to go somewhere to acquire a convertible hybrid Smart and want company- let me know and I'll go with you. If not- will you pick one up for me?

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    Hybrid Convertible

    I need a new car but I'm waiting for a Hybrid Convertible. My kids are finally growing up and I've been waiting over 18 years for a convertible! I wish they'd come out already. I can't imagine why they wouldn't make an upscale convertible car in hybrid. I just know they'd sell quickly with all of the 40+ baby boomers getting their kids off to college and ready for nice luxery cars. Most mature people respect the earth and want to contribute to a clean environment. With gas prices and my love of nature I really want to go hybrid. Thus, I'm patiently waiting for a hybrid convertible. I just hope my old little honda civic holds out long enough or I'll be forced to buy a mercedes convertible instead :-(

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    Hybrid Convertible

    Me too! I'm eagerly waiting for a hybrid convertible to be my next car!! The toyota concept hybride convertible looks hot. I can't believe they're not keeping up with the demand on hybrids. Plus, Toyota's not offering any great deals on their Prius. Financing is > 6%!!#!$

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    Hybrid Convertible

    It seems to me that I saw a Toyota hybrid convertible in a toyota commercial on Aug 1st, but I can not find any info on it anywhere, Was I hallucinating when I saw this or did my dreams come true? Anyone?!

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    Hybrid Convertible

    I thought I saw the same toyota commercial. Mass hallucenation I guess

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