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    My Civic Hybrid experience

    I just sent the following message to the moderator of hybridcars.com and figured I should share my experience with everyone. Read what I wrote below:

    Just wanted to let you know:

    I am an owner of a 2004 Civic Hybrid. I bought the car in February, and have already put over 16,000 miles on it. Obviously, it was the perfect choice for my high amount of driving. What I really wanted to let you know was that in the 16,000 miles I have driven the car, I have seen the average mpg go up! For the first 10,000 miles, my average was about 47.6 mpg. Now at 16,000 miles I am at 48 mpg and on my last three tanks of gas, I got 51.8 mpg, 52.2 mpg, and the last full tank I got 52.6 mpg! That's better mpg than the sticker says, and that's about 50/50 city and highway driving! Not to mention I am only 20 year old, blowing away the stereotype that youngsters are aggressive drivers. I will admit, since getting the hybrid I have become a much more calm, responsible, and aware driver. I do little things like slowing down slightly when I see a red light coming up ahead so that I can coast through when it turns green, using less gas than having to accelerate from a full stop. In all, I have been very satisied with my civic hybrid and hope that others are having the same experience as I.

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    My Civic Hybrid experience

    Can this car be damage in a flood or in pouring rain? I'm afraid it might damage the electrical part of the car if I drive through a puddle of water on the side of the road. What kind of water damage protection or warranty does this car have? If I have to worry about this then I would rather buy a regular honda civic.

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    My Civic Hybrid experience

    Civic Hybrid "Singing In The Rain"
    To sum up any suspicions about driving the Civic Hybrid in the rain let me just say that I've been test driving one for 2 days now and it's been pouring buckets since the nite I picked it up.

    Electrical parts are safely protected from the normal elements like any normal car. You have no worries from puddles large and small and definetly no worries from rain.

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    My Civic Hybrid experience

    I live in western Oregon and have had a Civic Hybrid for a year and half (50,000+ miles). Needless to say, I have driven through a lot of rain (not to mention a little bit of snow and ice). No problem at all.

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    My Civic Hybrid experience

    I love my Civic Hybrid. I can laugh when I drive by gas stations because I do not need gas as often as other drivers. If I drive 62 mph, I can get 52 miles per gallon on the higway. It is wonderful.

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