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    gas/electric proportions

    Hi folks,

    One misconception I had before buying my Honda Civic Hybrid is that hybrid cars could drive at low speeds with only the electric motor. I have since learned that the Honda cannot do this. Can the Toyota Prius?

    I've read lots of comparisons and haven't found anything about this, so I don't know what gave me the impression in the first place. Please set me straight so I know whether or not I should be envious of Prius owners. (smile)


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    gas/electric proportions

    The Prius and Ford Escape are the only full Hybrids. They can operate on electric power only.
    For the Escape (the only one I will consider), you can go up to 2 1/2 miles on battery only - then the gas engine will start and recharge the battery pack. Over 25 mph, the gas engine will run (alone or in conjunction with the electric motor) for motive power.
    The Escape satisfies my need to haul 5 people and gear and get great fuel economy. The small hybrid cars already got good fuel economy, so adoption of hybrid technology adds marginally to the fuel savings for the relative cost involved.

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    gas/electric proportions

    i have a honda civic hybrid. it uses the electric as a suplement to the gas engine. it turns off the engine at stops. starting from a full stop uses the electric to assist gas accelerations. acceleration can often use the electric assitance. it never seems to run on pure electric, often uses the electric assist motor. although the sales guy says it'll run on empty gas with all electric for 15 miles i don't want to find out that detail.

    collectively i've been getting 45 mpg.

    monitor the pirus mileages shown here & elsewhere. i consider that to be the final key ~ assuming maximum mileage is your intent. from what i've been seeing both cars get similar mileage.

    ~ but you can buy the honda today...

    i think both cars are using different concepts to get similar mileage. both aspects have their merit. i notice that driving conditions make a big difference on the actual mileage. for me driving to work is a slightly downhill trip, and i get 53 mpg. driving home i get around 40 mpg. the trip is all highway, very congested. i run from 70 to 0 mhp over 35 miles one way.

    a few weeks back i was driving in the mountains and got 40 MPG thru that type of terain.

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    gas/electric proportions

    The Prius can go electric-only (stealth mode) under certain conditions: slow speeds, warm engine, not accelerating too hard, good hybrid battery charge, etc. Too complicated to really explain. The Prius was designed for low emisions and the computer is deciding how to achieve that. The high MPG is a bonus! I can routinely get into stealth mode at 40MPH for a mile and a half on my AM commute (non-highway) just by adjusting my right foot input.
    The Honda is an electric assist . The gas engine is being assisted by the electric motor. The electric motor is not directly turning the wheels. It is helping the gas engine to not work as hard, which equals better MPG.
    The Escape is using the older Prius tech (generation 2, if you include the Japan debut model in 1997.) I do hope it works as well as the Toyotas and Hondas. The world can use less crud from cars and more MPG.
    Don't even bother with the GM 'hybrid' version. It's just an engine start/stop system that neither drives the wheels or significantly improves MPG.

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    gas/electric proportions

    Can this car be damage in a flood or in pouring rain? I'm afraid it might damage the electrical part of the car if I drive through a puddle of water on the side of the road. What kind of water damage protection or warranty does this car have? If I have to worry about this then I would rather buy a regular honda civic.

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    gas/electric proportions

    Richard -- yu need to get a life. The car can go through a car wash, get it!

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