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    After 3000 miles...

    Okay, I now have over 3000 miles on the Civic, and I seem to be settling in at about 42.5 mpg. Considering all the variables, I'd say that the biggest factor in my mileage is the number of other vehicles on the road -- the more traffic, the more I have to stop and start, slow down and speed up. And here in Chicago, there are always lots of other vehicles on the road! My mileage at 2 am when things are quieter is 5-10 mpg higher than in the early evening when the roads are most congested.

    By the way, my girlfriend and I drove to Washington, D.C. and back for Labor Day, and averaged 43.1 for the trip. That's about 32 gallons of gas. We figure we saved about $200 compared to flying ... and had more fun taking detours and cranking the stereo than we would waiting in an airport lounge.


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    After 3000 miles...

    That's great news. I just recently bought a 05 HCH too. I was wondering what octane of gas do you recommend me putting into the car. The book says to put anything 86 and higher. However, it also recommends you to put the cleanest gas possible, which would be octane 92. I have read some pretty bad stories here in the forum about how people are losing mpg's because they're putting in more expensive gas. Please help, thanks.

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    After 3000 miles...

    I get very good mileage (currently 49 city, 52+ highway) with 87 octane. I experimented during the winter with 89 octane, and saw no real difference.

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