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    honda civic hybrid

    i bought the honda civic hybrid last thursday. i have 400 miles on it already. i'm getting 47 MPG on it so far, matching the posted gas milage.

    i find the pick up & overall drive of the car to be fine.

    there was no problem in getting a car when i wanted one. i first saw a white one i wasn't crazy about. waited 2 weeks and picked up a blue one. the dealer seems to have at least one on the lot all the time, sometimes even three hybrids.

    it seems to be a well thought out car.

    i recomend one to anyone.

    see ya


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    honda civic hybrid

    my old car was wrecked in february and I read hybridcars.com and the newsletter religiously trying to learn as much as I could about hybrids. I loved the prius and [i:4720c6a9e4]liked[/i:4720c6a9e4] the civic hybrid, bit as the car of the year, I figured I would keep trying to get the Prius. No luck...

    I tried from March through July to get one - internet, dealers, resale etc No luck - finally, I put my name on some lists and was told it would be 12 months or more, and with the bonus of paying $5000 or more over msrp.

    So in the meantime, drove the civic, really was impressed with the room and the style, the pickup was good and overall nice looking car.

    So I made the switch -- and last week bought the civic instead. I saved quite a bit (over $2500) off msrp since it is the end of the model year - (this is a good time to get the last 2004s off the lot...) My wife and I commute a long way and the milage has varied, but my first tank of gas was 43mpg.

    Very pleased with the new civic - more pleased to cut my trips to the pump in half.

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    honda civic hybrid

    Can this car be damage in a flood or in pouring rain? I'm afraid it might damage the electrical part of the car if I drive through a puddle of water on the side of the road. What kind of water damage protection or warranty does this car have? If I have to worry about this then I would rather buy a regular honda civic.

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    honda civic hybrid

    well, the warranty included in the civ hyb is good - but I opted for the extended (C.A.R.E) which covers everything but tires, brakes, and oil (have to get oil changed at dealer b/c it is apparently a special kind for the electric engine) but I'm good to go until 100,000 miles I believe with the Honda C.A.R.E thing.

    here is from the Honda site:
    "The Civic Hybrid comes with a 3-year/36,000-mile limited warranty, just like every other Honda. Its battery pack comes with an 8-year/80,000-mile warranty,† and all emissions-related equipment comes with a more extensive warranty. See your dealer for details.

    †Limited battery pack warranty may vary. Consult your warranty booklet. AT-PZEV model differs slightly, due to emissions standards." - got this on 11/23/04

    check this out as well https://www.ahm-ownerlink.com/login.asp?brand=honda

    Also just to comment on the car itself. I love the look, I love the feel, I love the locations of everything, I love the car and when I am out of town I actually miss driving it! I drove a 1995 Mercury Cougar XR7 (BIG V8) because I was lucky enough to recieve it from a family member. It only had something like forty thousand miles. Anyways, I haven't missed it at all since I got the Civ Hyb and I was worried about pick-up and handling. Obviously it is different... very different. But trust me you don't miss the horses as much as you think and you will think of driving in a whole new way! It's like a video game trying to get the highest MPG. I love my car, I love it's looks, I love it's handling, I love it's MPG's, I love it's interior (space and everything!) Overall, this is one of the best decisions I have made in my 23 years of life - not just buying a hybrid car - but buying this hybrid car. Also just to note everyone in my family (mom and dad and grandmother) that have driven it love it, and our next family car will very likely be another honda civic hybrid. you will not regret this decision and your grandchildren will thank you for making it.

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    honda civic hybrid

    man I'm sorry I totally forgot this! I have driven it in some serious rain and through puddles and through streets with big puddles that I didn't notice, I have taken it through car washes and washed it myself and no problems whatsoever with anything yet.

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