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    Latest on California HOV legislation

    Here's the very latest on the HOV legislation:


    And a discussion about whether or not it makes sense to allow solo hybrid drivers in the carpool lanes:


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    Latest on California HOV legislation

    california HOV lanes for hybrids:

    i'm monitoring the progression of Bill # AB2628. it's being rewriten slightly, but getting approvals. at this date it is still not approved.

    i use the following in Yahoo or Google to monitor where the bill is. using the author's name for the bill catches more information then just the bill number.

    Assemblywoman Fran Pavley AB2628

    the bill is written to have a ceiling of 75,000 "decals" for hybrids to use the lanes and also get toll discounts in some city areas like san fransico. we'll need to sign up asap to make sure we all get our passes before the magic ceiling of 75,000 hybrids.

    see ya


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    Latest on California HOV legislation

    bill AB 2628 passed 9-23-2004. hybrids can use the carpool lanes in California!

    there was a clause in the bill that set "hybrids" as having a 45 MPG rating. this will be an interesting data point since the Ford hybrid will not be reaching this magic number. manufacturers can't simply release a "hybrid" to get into carpool lanes ~ they also need to be affective in fuel economy.

    now i need to read the thing again to understand the true start date, but i recall there was a requirement to get a special decal from the DMV before using the lanes. i don't know if the starting real date is January 1st or what...

    from Fran Pavly's (bill author's) website: "chaptered" is the key statement since this means it's complete & recorded AFTER the govenor's signature.

    it's interesting that the govenor signed it where he could have simply let it sit till the end of the month to get automatic approval of the bill. i guess he wanted everyone to see the issue get visibility.



    MEASURE : A.B. No. 2628
    AUTHOR(S) : Pavley (Principal coauthor: Nakano) (Coauthors: Berg,
    Chavez, Frommer, Hancock, Harman, Levine, Lieber, Liu,
    Longville, Matthews, and Nation) (Coauthor: Senator
    TOPIC : Vehicles: preferential lanes.
    +LAST AMENDED DATE : 08/23/2004

    Majority Vote Required
    State-Mandated Local Program
    Non-Tax Levy

    LAST HIST. ACT. DATE: 09/23/2004
    LAST HIST. ACTION : Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 725,
    Statutes of 2004.

    TITLE : An act to amend Sections 5205.5 and 21655.9 of the
    Vehicle Code, relating to vehicles.

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    Latest on California HOV legislation

    Even if it passes in California, the Feds would have to approve it as they fund the HOV lanes.

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    Latest on California HOV legislation

    Does anyone know if there is any amendment or federal legislative language which I can encourage our two Senators and my Congressman to support so that the Feds blessing can be obtained, and this legislation actually mean something?

    Any chance of this getting passed in the current lame duck session?

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    Latest on California HOV legislation

    My taking a job an hour away will depend on whether I can use the carpool lane or not. If I can, I plan on buying a prius and taking the job. Come'on Feds!

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    Latest on California HOV legislation

    So if I was to purchase a hybrid right now I wouldn't be able to go on the carpool solo?

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    Latest on California HOV legislation

    i checked with the california DMV 2 weeks ago. they get a memo around mid november every year on new laws, and now have info on the hybrid car HOV law - it starts january 1st, but you MUST fill out a DMV form to get the approval decal.

    the law has set aside *only* some 45,000 decals for california, but i think that may be more then are on the road so far.

    but see DMV on or about january 1st to get your sticker!

    see ya


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    Latest on California HOV legislation

    My one concern about driving in the carpool lane is the fact that if you don't drive 80mph, you end up with about five cars crammed up your exhaust pipe, irritated and annoyed that you are going so slow. And that is when you are going 75. Heaven forbid you should go as slow as 70, or even <gasp> the speed limit.

    If I were to go that slow, I would be concerned that I would be causing a hazard for myself and for others. If I go 70mph in a 65mph zone, I'm sure I would have in my wake a pack of ten impatient drivers.

    Is this the same experience that others have as well when driving in carpool lanes? Perhaps my experience is merely California freeway drivers in action.

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    Latest on California HOV legislation

    what freeway do you drive?

    i drove the 210 thru pasadena for a long time and most of the road (all 8 lanes) does from 15 to 25 MPH. the carpool lane is a bit more consistant toward the 25. regular lanes hit 15 more often.

    if you monitor www.sigalert.com you can see the speeds of the regular lanes as well as the HOV lanes. (road speed sensors are used). very much of the los angeles area is sub-30 MPH.

    see ya

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