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    tax breaks in Australia?

    Does anyone know about possible tax breaks in Australia when purchasing a Hybrid :?:

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    tax breaks in Australia?

    Don't know if there are incentives or not - but there should be. Perhaps with the political issue getting some visibility here in the US, other world leaders will get on board.

    BTW, we love Sydney. The great city life, tourist attractions, super friendly and very knowledgeable citizens made two weeks there very enjoyable. World Class fun! (Besides, you guys and gals love your cars as much or more than we do!)

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    tax breaks in Australia?

    Thank you for the compliment. I have never been to Georgia, but travelled many times to the states. Actually just came back from NY City 2 weeks ago. It was our 5th visit to New York - what a city!

    I will get in touch with our local council. Election is on this November (like with you guys) and so I think they will get back to me one way or another…

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