It seems no one in the world gives this concept more then a chuckle, but what the heck. This is still the time to be open to all options. The types of hybrids are almost endless and although the Prius my be in the lead, it is clearly not the end of the technology. So it seems a good idea to keep open one more possibility for the sake of discussion.
Wile the likelihood of this happening is less then slim, the problems it would solve are overwhelming. Gone is the worry about range. Gone is the issue over long charging times. And if supported on a large scale in a system where all batteries are only rented, gone also would be the fear of eventual battery replacement
A battery exchange system can only function if it is both designed into the vehicle and supported by an external, mechanical battery changing device. This canít be done on any scale without full support of manufacturers but it is possible to demonstrate on a single vehicle. I maintain that a pure BEV race car equipped with a fast change battery could beet the pants off of the best gas opponents in both speed and endurance. Were this to happen, it would open eyes to the ability of the BEV, electric drive in general and to the option of battery exchange. Worth a thought?