we are introducing details to you as follows:
Beijing Aosiyuan technical limited corporation, locating in the Overseas Students Pioneer Park in
Haidian District of Beijing city, is a high tech enterprise primarily engaging in researching,
developing and producing high-frequency soft switching power supply.By adopting this kind of
advanced technology ,our products are environmental and energy -saving.There are kinds of
products as follow : Xenon lamp rectifier power supply, IGBT adverse direct current welding machine, full-bridge DC/DC power supply module, high-frequency induction heating steam motor flusher power supply, intelligent charge and discharge power supply. We are having supplied our perfect products including battery chargers,motor controllers,and motors for inland and overseas clients such as Mahindra&Mahindra Ltd.R&D Center which is the most famouse company manufacturing kinds of cars mostly in electrical vehicles,Deraware ltd in canada and so on.
Achievements happened yesterday, however, we will continue to improve the quality of our
products for the sake of realizing the mutual winning and creating a splendid future for each other.
we are exporting products as follows:
Power Supply
AC-DC Converter

DC-DC Converter

Stabilivolt power

High Power

Battery Chargers
Automotive Battery Chargers

Golf Car Battery Chargers

ATV Battery Chargers

Boating Battery Chargers

Forklift Battery Chargers

Farm Battery Chargers

Above chargers are designed for HEVs and Hybrids !

DC Governor

DC Motor Governor

Electromotion Car Governor

Electromotion Car Control

Above products are designed for all motors !

Mining Welder

DC Welder

AC Welder

Inverse Welder

We offer you good price ,high quality,good services,welcome to order by email&phone!
Please tell me the battery volume,the battery voltage,the power,the vehicle speed per hour,we can do the chargers,the motors,the controllers for your vehicles including folklifts,golf cars and so on.
The company also accepts customization of various kinds of AC stabilized voltage
The lowest price is 400-450$USD,please send me your quantity,thank you!

Hope you are fine,and communicate with each other every day.Look forward to your reply in one moment,if having chances,i will call you on phone, and welcome you to pay a visit to our company,beijing,china,waiting for you!

Best wishes!
Your sincerely
Jane(Miss peng)
Beijing Aosiyuan Technology & Science Co., Ltd.
TEL:+86 10 62975196/82782844
FAX:+86 10 62975196 ext. 805
AD:Rm.410, Overseas Students Pioneer Park, No.29 Shangdi East Road, Haidian Dist., Beijing
100085, P.R. China