Here's my challenges: I'm ALWAYS traveling. I split my time between my music career and my conservation career. I drive hundreds of interstate miles at a time, sometimes carrying musical equipment, sometimes carrying field biology gear, sometimes carrying both. When I reach my destination, there's a 50-50 chance I'll be going off-road depending on which hat I'm wearing for that particular trip. So I need:
1) fuel economy and enivronmental friendlieness
2) room to carry stuff
3) some rugged, off road capability (nothing too extreme, but ground clearance is an issue)
4) and a REALLY dependable vehicle that can take 150,000 miles plus

I also need:
1) lots of AC jacks for my gadgets
2) onboard GPS/internet uplink would be nice (for weather, radar, etc.)
3) An onboard thermometer!!!!

I currently drive a Honda CRV and would love a Honda Hybrid SUV, but I'm afraid I may not be able to wait. Seems like Toyota is going to be my only option for awhile, or am I wrong. (not buying a Ford, can't afford a Lexus)

Any thoughts? Suggestions?