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    This happened to me and I

    This happened to me and I found a similar Insight at a junk yard with front end damage and bought it for $100. It was very difficult to convince the guy to sell it to me. There are websites that send emails to junkyards around the country stating what part you are looking for.

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    Honda Insight has a lot of

    Honda Insight has a lot of issues according to several auto repair shops. Accessibility of parts is one of its cons. Other issues includes non functioning auto idle stop, etc. They say it is the cheapest hybrid but I can say that it has a lot of downside.

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    wow this sight looks

    wow this sight looks interesting and somehow i cant find facts about hybrid cars when this is ahybrid car homepage so yah it is very stupid

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    ok sorry i was bieng mean

    ok sorry i was bieng mean but kids need information

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