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    Ordered My Escape Hybrid

    Seems like everyone has purchased the AWD version of the Escape Hybrid. Anyone out there with a FWD that can tell me how their hybrid handles on hills or in the rain?

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    Ordered My Escape Hybrid

    I've decided to get a FWD FEH. Those who already have one, what will surprise me most after I own it? When I reach for the familiar whatever and it isn't there -- what would that be. What might I regret? What do you love and what do you hate?

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    Ordered My Escape Hybrid

    I have 13,000 miles on my 05 FWD FEH which has every option. I love the nav. computer. You can drive it to get more than 40mpg if you choose. You can stay in EV mode up to 38mph and set the cruise at 35. You can use low to slow down which charges the battery faster and saves the brakes. Plenty of seating area front and back. Great head room. Has a recirculating A/C fan while the compressor stops during EV mode (stays cooler longer without outside air). Plenty of power when you need it. The gas savings helps pay for it self. And lots more fun to drive. To many pluses to list.

    Dislikes- having to remove the rear head rest to fold down the back seats. Rear brakes wear much faster than the front. Limited 1000 pound towing. Lifting your leg over the lip getting in. All and all not that bad.

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    Ordered My Escape Hybrid

    Are you saying you can't do those things without the NAV computer?

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    Ordered My Escape Hybrid

    No, I'm glad I added the nav computer because it helps me improve my MPG by knowing the battery level, how its being charged and discharged base on driving conditions. From this data I can prepare for EV mode the longest for my route ahead.

    The GPS helps save gas looking for turns, addresses and points of interest. The map feature helps look ahead for unknown areas such as freeways, bridge crossings, Lakes etc.

    The six CD changer and radio station ID with Artist and song name is nice also.

    I didn't use the manual and managed to operate it fairly easy myself.

    When people who don't give good direction, I just ask for the address and input it in and go. Very helpful.

    Unit is a voice GPS, six CD changer, Map, AM/FM tuner, energy flow and a MPG status indicator all tied to 6 speakers and a subwoofer. I would not buy a FEH without it myself but it is $1850, not cheep.

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    Ordered My Escape Hybrid

    Greetings, First Timer,
    We have about 5000 miles on our 2006 FEH 4WD. I can get over 30MPG farily easily around town but my wife has a heavy foot and only gets around 25. The main way to achieve high MPG is to keep it in the electric drive mode for as long as possible and it will take you a while to develop the skill. You will find that you can drive the FEH just like a regular Escape. Ford has done a great job of making the hybrid drive like a standard vehicle. Our main complaint would be the air conditioning here in Texas. It is too cold for me to run in the maximum mode and it will get fairly warm waiting through a long traffic light if you don't set the temperature control to maximum. I have to change the temperature setting a lot to keep it cool but not freezing. Ford needs to add an automatic control to maintain a more constant temperature. Other than that, everyone loves to dirve the FEH. Ford has done a better job on the electric power steering than on other vehicles I have tried. I really don't notice any difference from the hydrolic systems.
    I hope you enjoy your FEH as much as we do ours. Send an Email if you want links to sites with technical data on the FEH.

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