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    Ordered My Escape Hybrid

    I ordered my Escape Hybrid on June 29. Sort of. The dealer said that they would get 3 Hybrids around the end of August and I am second in line. They do not know what colors they will be or options they will have. Apparently they do not have a choice. The specific one that I ordered would not be delivered until the end of the year. So, I can either get one of the three in August, or if I don't like any of those, wait until December to get the one that I ordered.

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    Ordered My Escape Hybrid

    What did your dealer quote you for your Ford Escape?

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    Ordered My Escape Hybrid

    I orderd the FWD with these options:

    Leather Comfort Group
    Appearance Package
    Safety Package
    110V AC Power Outlet
    Retractable Rear Cargo Cover
    Rear Carpeted Floormats
    Hybrid Energy, Audiophile and Navigation System

    I did not get the MACH 6 Disc In-Dash Reciever

    Price: $30,825

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    Ordered My Escape Hybrid

    I just read a posting in another forum, which reports that the Escape is not available in Atlanta until March 2005.

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    Ordered My Escape Hybrid

    The dealers that qualify to sell and service Hybrids in 35 states will begin to see their orders built in January. First units should arrive in early Feb.

    If 3,000 dealers sign up, there will be about 5 per dealer (avg.) for the balance of the 2005 model year - or 1 every 2 months.

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    Ordered My Escape Hybrid

    I ordered my escape in June and received a call from my salesperson that my car is on the assembly line and has a partial VIN. I don't really know what the point of the telling me the car has a partial VIN?

    Either way, the date for arrival they gave me was mid September (updated from August)...

    I am in SF and the dealer is the largest in Northern California... According to them they are receiving 8 in the first batch.

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    Ordered My Escape Hybrid

    Lucky - your partial vin means that the order has been accepted and can be scheduled for production. As soon as it is scheduled, it will be serialized - usually just a few days if the dealership has allocation for the new few weeks production.

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    Ordered My Escape Hybrid

    Greetings all. My first post on this forum.

    This past Monday, I received a call from our local Ford Dealer. I had put my name on his list a couple of months before, and he was running down that list starting at the top. They are a small dealership and were told they would have one Escape Hybrid on the first go around.

    Looks like I was the lucky one.

    I went in on Tuesday and picked out the options I wanted:

    4x4 Hybrid, Titanium Green, Safety Package, Energy & Nav System, 110V Outlet, Rear Floormats.

    Total including destination, etc came to $31,175. That was list (they were up front about no discounts).

    Some points of interest:
    - The Hybrid is not a separate vehicle , but in fact another model of the Escape line, just like XLT and Limited. There is only one base configuration with either FWD or 4x4 drive.
    - There are a limited number of options (about seven or eight), and only a selection of colors smaller than the regular Escape options.
    - Some of the options not available include: Rack System, Type II Trailer Hitch.
    - The Safety Package includes the air curtain available on the standard escape as well as side air bags.
    - Although the website says the Hybrid can tow up to 1000 lbs, there is no option to have a two added. This has to be done after market.
    - My rep said that he has heard many dealerships will be charging a premium above MSRP list. Being a small family run dealership, they said they were staying at list or below.

    Anyway, the sales rep said that I should get my VIN in two weeks or so, and they are expecting delivery in 10 weeks. I am on my way!


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    Ordered My Escape Hybrid

    FYI... I'm in NJ and ordered mine back in July. the dealer called two weeeks ago and gave me a complete VIN for the car. When I call ford they tell me that my car is scheduled to be built the week of 10/4-10/11. When I ordered it there were NOT prices available but we agreed that it woiuld be sticker price.

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    Ordered My Escape Hybrid

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