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    Local Ford Dealer Doesn't Know About Hybrids

    I went to the local Ford dealer to ask about the Ford Hybrid Escape. The first guy I talked to did not even know what I meant by HYBRID and the second knew -- but had no information on arrival of a model to test drive etc. AAARGGGH! :roll:

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    Local Ford Dealer Doesn't Know About Hybrids

    Chances of getting one may be slim

    I read somewhere (I think it was in the latest digest from this site), that Ford is only going to release 3000 of the promised 20,000 this fall and the rest won't be until the actual 2005 calender year. If that is the case, you may have to get extremely lucky to drive one.

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    Local Ford Dealer Doesn't Know About Hybrids

    Ford is building 4,000 in calendar year. Those will be limited to selected dealers in 15 coastal states (where most of the hybrids are currently sold.)

    The dealers must have done the sales and service training and purchased the required service equipment to qualify as a Hybrid dealer.

    20,000 units planned for 2005. 8)

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    Local Ford Dealer Doesn't Know About Hybrids

    Ford dealers that have allocation for 2004 can place orders to customer specs or revise orders in the system that have not been scheduled. Any dealer that says you have to take what they get is telling you that their units have already been serialized (too late to change) or they don't want to mess with it.

    If you honestly have an order placed with them, and they intend on selling you the vehicle, they can tell you what is coming or can change it for you if it isn't scheduled already. Often the sales people don't know what has been ordered and don't want to bother the sales managers with questions if you are just fishing. Put down $1,000 and tell them what you want and see if they can make it happen.

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