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    Watch Blackhat Movie Online

    The main character, released from jail the hacker, along with his u.s. and Chinese counterparts resists the powerful Cybermafia, whose sphere of influence extended from Chicago to Los Angeles and from Hong Kong to Jakarta.Event pictures will unfold in a world where the greatest danger is the development in the field of Cybernetics. Our ex-cyber criminal will help US and chinese governments to catch a new cyber criminal. Movie is mostly based on action since black coding screens is no fun for a typical audience. Real hackers consulted during the filming process,but still lots of lame fun can be found in the effort of producers trying to make the movie more exciting for the cinema audience. Still, a Chris Hemsworth without a Hammer is a must see, and still we must support any cyber-based movie to get more better and realistic movies about the new cyber world. The Blackhat Movie resembles like a newer version of hackers 2 , operation takedown, but of course has tons of more action and visual effects.
    Michael Mann is a great director but his latest works mostly barely skipped busting, this is why he puts all his talent in the Blackhat movie, he knows that this is his last chance to exist in the showbiz, and i personally think this time he made a blockbuster movie to fill his pocket and get back on the scene.
    You should see the movie even if you don\'t like cyber-thriller genre, because it has Chris Hemsworth and a lot of action in it.

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