\\\"Guild Wars 2\\\" lead to the state of the economy is a little aliasing due the auction field players Zhunhuo influx of market relations Cheap Guild Wars 2 Gold. ArenaNet John Smith in the official published an article about the economy of the game today, some official for the thoughts and opinions of the economic system.First, due to \\\"Guild Wars 2\\\" auction of success in the open early and closed a long time, leading to hoarding players before re-opening a lot of resources at the same time the influx of the auction, so that the auction system lost its balance Guild Wars 2 Gold. The selling price of most of the material collected by the runescape 2007 gold players in the auction and sold to NPC shops. John Smith spoke the official adjustment is being made in this regard, they want to auction freed from the \\\"store\\\" state, and as soon as these players are hoarding supplies consumed.Official plans to introduce a limit the \\\"mysterious furnace\\\" (Mystic Forge) recipe to achieve their goals, players can then use a large number of low-grade material to manufacture a box, and from out of the gold items and other rare items. Missing that use game design to a large number of people to earn gold undermine economic, Smith stressed that those people will soon be subject to sanctions Guild Wars 2 Gold, the healthy development of the game will be stifled because of the excessive inflation.The detailed guidelines of the RuneScape Three is Company Fremennik Saga.