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    Updating the site

    Several of the revised site lists are missing the best selling vehicles.

    We see the Prius Liftback, the C, the V, and the PIP. But where for Toyota is the Camry hybrid and the Avalon Hybrid?

    For Lexus, we have all these low volume vehicles, but where is the ES 300h?

    The New Honda Accord hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid seem to be missing.

    The are still 2012 Fusion articles but where is the 2013 Fusion with its questionable 47 MPG. It seems to be a high volume seller also.

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    And the Outlander PHEV - although I\'m already on the http://www.myoutlanderphev.com Outlander PHEV forum because there are some japanese owners of it on there already!

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    Thats a nice link you shared. Thanks.

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    Thank you for sharing - great resource, thanks!

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    And to add, I\'m also heading over to the Outlander PHEV forum because it looks VERY interesting!

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