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    '03 Honda Civic hybrid Starter Clutch issue HELP HONDA!!

    I have an '03 hybrid which has the same problem as many . I bought mine used with about 110k on it. I noticed a very slight shudder during the test drive at which time the dealer promised to fix it if it didn't go away. I took it back a week later and told them to fix it. The issue came back. I called my local Honda dealer and they recommended \"burnishing\" the clutch and if it did not go away they would check out the starter clutch ( $2000) as a college student i can not afford that.

    I have seen this same issue on numerous blogs Called the dealer again and asked if it was recalled before and stated it was although the extended warranty was for up to 100,000 miles.

    is there a way to ask the dealer or Honda a favor if they could fix the issue it seems that i am not the only one with the issu

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    Well, yes you can. However, if you don\\'t get find any way out then I would recommend you to get repair manual and try repair on your own.
    I\\'d even faced similar issue but then got my problem solved with the help of the repair manual and a neighbor who runs an automobile repair shop Cucamonga, CA https://plus.google.com/113236040101115122020
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