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    Nike Air Max Shoe 2014 article54

    First Look: Nike Zoom KD 5 'Road' colorway Kevin Durant is still seeking that breakthrough. Nike Air Max Shoe 2014being clearly one of the five best players in the world currently and 2 gold medal performances at the 2010 World Championships as well as the 2012 London Olympics, it is possible to lots of things that elude the young Oklahoma City Thunder superstar. He has multiple scoring titles, but no Most Valuable Player awards; he's got the talent to get essentially the most dominant player inside league, but there are those that even doubt he's the top player on his team; made the NBA Finals within his fifth year, but no championship ring to show for it. six is set up to get a make or break year for KD and Nike is going to be there every step from the way regarding his fifth signature shoe, the Nike Zoom KD V. The first live images from the KD V make their online due to Mikeyman early Sunday, who posted pictures from the \"Road\" colorway. It follows a similar color blocking type of previous road colorways from the KD shoes, with a dominant black base mixed with OKC blue and orange accents all through the shoe. While there is no release information yet on the shoes, there are talks abound that this is going to be the first inside KD line to get rid of the $100 barrier. Considering that LeBron's signature line is already cracking $200 and beyond, Durant carries a good way to visit before angering anybody with all the price of his kicks. Source: Sneaker News Fo @uc@l4eynlf8i3@uc@

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