The 2013 Highlander Hybrid comes standard with \"Electronic On-Demand 4wd\", although I\'m a bit confused because your question is in the UK category and the Highlander is not sold in the UK.

Assuming you live in the market where the Highlander is sold, the system is more of an all-wheel-drive system with full-time, automatic function. The Hybrid all-wheel-drive system is unique in that there is no physical connection (drive shaft or propeller shaft) between the front and rear differentials like most all-wheel-drive and 4wd systems. Instead, the rear differential has a separate, electric motor/generator connected to it. When front wheel slip is detected, the computer directs electric current to the rear motor/generator. It avoids many of the drawbacks of all-wheel-drive systems, such as reduced tire wear and reduced fuel economy, because the differentials are not physically connected.

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