Lauryl ether sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate are the two most common shampoo ingredient. They are a popular type of foaming detergent effect resulting in personal care products, and by creating a rich lather to remove dirt and debris from the hair.

Sulfate can be removed at the expense of bad hair natural oils and allow lacewigsbuy hair color or chemical treatment is already greater harm. In addition, the connection lauryl ether sulfate and sodium lauryl sulphate contact dermatitis in some people reported rarely . For this reason , it is eczema or sensitive skin may not be able to tolerate them.

To take advantage of these problems, manufacturers are selling non sulfate shampoo, so that research does not support the claim that:

sulphate free shampoo hair is advertised as gentle as lauryl ether sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate can strip moisture from the hair cheap full lace wigs with baby hair. However , Dr. Luo Jiesi pointed out that there is no scientific evidence that \"no sulfates \" ingredients to make compared to a mild shampoo containing sulfuric acid , such as shampoo.

Some sales sulfatefree shampoo to prolong hair color or scrub life, but Dr. Luo Jiesi noted that the scientific data to support these claims can not be used . Instead, people should choose is designed for colortreated hair full lace wigs with baby hair, shampoo can be purchased in stores or pharmacies.

sulphate free shampoo cost than conventional shampoos , but this time the costeffectiveness is unknown.