Color: red and gold trends in the summer!
Blond or red ...... what color trend is definitely in the summer, take what nuances? As usual, the stars give us the answer in the preview. What color is the gorgeous redhead Ashley Simpson, clear redhead Lily Cole, the California blonde Taylor Morison Olsen sisters dark golden preferences? You tell us!

Emily Browning, because I have fine straight hair body wave lace front wigs, blonde or light brown base, broad forehead and a baby face.

I do not know my colorist?

Strawberry blonde hair, lacewigsbuy hair color on the sound, soft and natural, avoiding the roots better sound.

I do not know my hairdresser?

Let Seberg or Mia Farrow in the shortcut 1970s. C hairdresser neck and sides must be removed to keep on top of a little bit of length human hair lace front wigs. In particular there is no taper, but by picketing and slice small spike design (at the edge of the umbrella cut with scissors).