Spotted this morning at H & M showroom ( woohoo , fashion week is in plaaaace ), a very nice collection including this blouse jeans tassels. And also , this pretty short square. I am in imminent phase capillary radical change (I know, I know, I speak, I speak but I have a feeling that this is going to happen and not there you cannot say that I have not warned you !) I\'m stuck on all the short cuts at this time. Well, that\'s all for now !

\"I think I\'ll cut it. \" ... \"Ok Need to talk. \" This is the text message I received most of girlfriends that I asked their opinion on my idea of cutting my hair. Sure, the inspiration I sent them was this: Well, every time I took the time to specify that I do not want a blonde version of this cut, but my version . But still , for terrible , the reactions.Il there was also this: T\'fašons , you \'re beautiful lacewigsbuy human hair wigs, so all you will . ( My mother, not take too many risks. ) Watch out the soccer mom look.

( A friend who watched Friday Night Lights too . ) Fonce , if I had your hair, I would do it immediately . ( A friend Afro hair lace wigs. ) I\'m afraid of the texture. With your curly hair , it will swell. ( A friend of perpetual horse tail . ) Fonce , I feel that you need to change for too long. ( Scott. ) Besides that, there were all my questions ... 1 / Would I look like a man ? I think it is universal, the question that arises when getting a haircut, is: \" ? did I lose my femininity \" it has nothing reasonable is completely archaic, we know all , but that does not stop us from flipper.