The shadow NARS and eyebrows brow Zings kit Benefit.C is everything! For lips , I always have a lipstick / lip gloss somewhere in a pocket or in my sac.Un spritz of perfume of my time right now cologne Bonpoint , and now Total: 18 Mnet you what is your routine? You need to how much time to prepare? You have a specific routine or it changes every day?

As Garance said, ( oh yeah, by the way, it\'s me , Alex. Promised quickly found a way to identify the authors of posts) , when I think of the new year, I try to avoid overly ambitious resolutions (eg \"This year , I find myself a husband ! \", I do not know why it never works lacewigsbuy) but I try to see the beginning of each year as a new beginning . And of course, for me, that says new start , new resolutions beauty said ... yes , you know me . Briefly, here are some from my list ... Take a break .

Garance took this photo of Magdalena in Paris last year (and then later, she painted it ) and I love this look, simple and natural lace front wigs. So, from time to time , I would try to take a face without makeup. # etdaimermestachesderousseurSe find a ritual. Ritual is important. This structure. Every morning when I woke up I checkerai my account Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and my emails greet the birds at my window , I do some stretching and meditation exercises before starting the day with a sourire.Se to 30 days. I give it 30 days to see if a product is effective before loading .