Hair growth will no longer have secrets for you after reading this article!

The hair is our best asset feminine ... We love it pampers ! And then one day , it is the drama we find small white dust in our hair human hair lace front wigs with baby hair. But do not worry , Cosmo is here to give you his best anti dandruff tips .

Dandruff, what is it?
Itching of the scalp lace wigs buy ( more or less intense ) that spoil our lives and entered ? NEET small enough unsightly white dust . And even though today there are FINALLY ways to counter their action, we still do not know why some hair there are more predestined than others. Mystery, mystery ...

What are the main causes of their presence on our scalp?
The best known and most obvious causes are? :

A rise in stress
Friction tight and regular head with accessories like hats lace front wigs with baby hair, headbands (and yes, we want to make her beautiful but sometimes pay !)
Brushings too hot ( straightener , hair dryer powerful)
Abuse lacquers, gels of any kind
The mounted temperature (in case of hot weather, fever and even during menstruation !)