Wash your hair at least twice a week ( you do not specifically need to change shampoo) .Do you care mask at least once a week . At night, tie them to avoid tangling (if station hair disaster !) .

Buy a special hair extensions brush ( boar bristle preferably ) and brush them regularly to avoid knots.

Actions to ban
The brushing ! The hair dryer lace front wigs will heat too the root of your hair and off your risk of extensions if they are made of keratin. Opt more for a straightening iron .

Use a comb : it is the best way for your ab sea extensions? Remove yourself an extension: only your hairdresser that privilege.

To express shampoo cheap lace front wigs: Use a mild shampoo and tilt your head back ... otherwise beware of knots!

For the \" nuts extensions \" never make mask on them is the best way to drag the nuts that hold them .