Nike Shoe Outsole Material Technology NIKE tennis shoes are often employed in making the outer end in the rubber within the rubber with the help of carbon cheap air max mensmaterial or carbon elemental powder. Add to this more wear-resistant rubber outsole, good grip, but intense friction will leave a black mark on a lawn. Used for Nike Nike Zoom Soldier VIIshoes, such as the famous NIKE FREE group of jogging shoes Nike Free 3.0 V3 . Non-marking marking rubber and rubber manufacturing carbon fiber BRS1000 do technical just the opposite, Non-marking marking rubber making process without carbon doping process, will not likely leave marks on to the floor, usually do not grip compared to general Non-marking rubber shoes is great, more for NIKE basketball shoes. Solid Rubber is The North Face Factoryand 40% of man-made synthetic rubber, natural rubber compression is made, better wear resistance, is the most basketball shoe outsole materials, and ideal for field to perform battle. Duraon a synthetic rubber, soft rubber, light texture, you will find there's shock effect, a greater grip. DRC wear hard rubber DRC to utilize hard rubber hard rubber-based compression of synthetic rubber, abrasion resistance is much Part of Nike jogging sneakers using this type of rubber. Gum Rubber raw rubber Gum Rubber raw rubber is natural rubber because main raw material, manufactured from synthetic rubber, supplemented by compression, soft toughness. Sticky Rubber soft rubber Sticky Rubber soft r @uc@8mfkkut3v0@uc@