Wear resistant steel plate NM360, its main feature lies in that it has high wear resistance (wear), the wear Hardfacing Process resistance is 3-5 times of ordinary low alloy steel. RK double metal grp composite wear-resistant steel plate has been trusted in industrial fields, for China\'s industrial equipment, workpiece wear failure wear protection measures provided important, the service life of the equipment, the workpiece greatly improve, for the enterprise to improve production efficiency, reduce production cost and made important contributions. RK double metal grp composite wear-resistant plate is the use of open arc automatic welding technology in welding, surface of ordinary steel plate or steel plate grp composite layer with Wear Solution high solidity, high wear-resistant alloy layer with high wear resistance, double metal performance with the wear-resisting plate, that is high ductility work layer of high scratching resistance and the base layer, facilitate the mechanical connection and welded connections for industrial applications, can realize the baitcasting reel, welding, plasma cutting, mechanical connections processing. As the scratching resistant materials, The WR plate have good wear resistance property and it is better than other steel plate including the high manganese steel andwear resistant cast iron and cast steel. The steel plate is used in the field of high impact scratching class as the wear ship Welding Recondition and the wear plate. The Wear Resistant plate is trusted for the Mining equipments, Concrete floor industry, Power plant, Crusher parts, coal crusher and Port handling system. As the cost of developing and producing composites has decreased, their role in novel, potentially lucrative applications has increased. This volume is a succinct reference book for someone who has just started getting work done in the composites field to gain instant knowledge, as well as to pass contemporary information to Welding Wire technologists already active in the area. Moreover, the succinct, well-structured format of the guide enables it to be employed as an educational resource. The main components of wear-resisting layer for high h2o and high chromium alloy, according to different user requirements and conditions people, can realize the resistance at room temperature, warm, strong impact, medium impact, low stress impact of high wear resistance. Coal machine storage container ship wear medium, fan impeller home covering, esp entrance flue ash bucket, catheter, lining plate, separator connecting water line, coal crusher Wear Plate lining board, hopper and crusher lining, burner, coal hopper and launch ship plate, air heater segment supporting tile, separator guide vane.