Wear resistant layer metallographic Wear Plate phase provides eutectic +M7C3 primary carbide or complex carbide, the layer can bear room temperature, warm, strong impact, medium impact and high wear property of low stress impact. The components haven\'t way too high demands of wear resistant steel plate solidity and scratching strength, these components can adopt wear resistant steel plate of NM360/400 thickness of 6 to 10mm material. The grp composite wear-resistant plate is by arc way executed 40-60% chromium carbide alloy to the steel plate. The plate appearance material is even, appearance rules, carbide wear layer microstructure of fibrous, and Welding Wire perpendicular to the surface, the surface solidity can reach HRC63 above, hard alloy with high chromium carbide content, wear-resistant grp composite plate suitable for wear extremely severe environment. By overlaying grp composite chromium carbide wear-resistant layer can be formed on the ordinary steel plate surface. In general, the higher the solidity of wear resistant material, the better the wear resistance. To improve the wear resistance can be selected according to the properties of the material, the processing technology and Welding Recondition product conditions used to. The method can increase the wear resistant material solidity basically can improve its wear resistance. It has high strength, low alloy. As designers and plant operators attempt to extend service life of critical components and reduce the effect of unscheduled maintenance downtime, the benefits of employing wear resistant material in applications involving impact and/or moving contact with rough material are immense. We have established the stable and perfect supply archipelago, which guarantee us to provide an extensive choice of chromium carbide overlay steel plates Wear Solution as well as wear resistant and high strength plates. In previous years, advanced polymer bonded grp composite technology has been driven primarily by the needs of the military and aerospace industries. However, certain properties of grp composite materials have allowed their emergence in consumer and commercial sectors. Now it forms a wear-resistant electrode appearance for the mainstream, at the same time with integral casting, carbide brazing for the additional production pattern. Hardfacing Electrode: simple production process, flexible operation, low manufacturing cost, which consists of wear-resistant plate can fulfill the element construction better, the manufacturing process is Hardfacing Process currently the mainstream. Promoting double metal grp composite plate solidity has some methods mainly including strengthening, heat treatment, chemical heat treatment, welding grp composite forms of chromium carbide wear-resistant layer in the ordinary steel plate surface.