Oxygenation stimulation: Self cranial massage you have ever heard ? Did you know that thanks to this massage done in 10 minutes twice a week, you could do much, much good to your hair while accelerating their growth? Cosmo gives you his method!

Purification: A healthy scalp is the key to good hair growth lace wigs. Cosmo gives you his tips pro to clean your scalp care to adopt technique rin age ...

For more information , follow the guide Cosmo ! You\'re just a hair mane Gisele ...

Like Blake , I am fair complexion, blue or green eyes , blond base , long hair and I love the series ? Mad Men ? madness.

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For this vibrant Venetian color cheap lace front wigs helmet but not the effects of scanning copper .

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The red is the most difficult to save the life color. Between two appointments with my colorist , I opt for shampoos pigments ( Davines for example) that regenerate the color full lace wigs with baby hair, make it shine and delay the root effect. I do not forget the feeding ritual mask once a week.