Recently bought a used 07 Civic Hybrid and while the car is great, I am rather disappointed with the sound produced by the speakers.

I have been reading a lot about how the hybrid might not be able to sustain a big sound system should it be installed. Therefore, I am wondering whether the following would be OK? And if not, what could (perhaps) be done to make it possible (i.e would a bigger battery help?)

Thinking of replacing the front two speakers with JL Audio C3-650's and installing an amp+subwoofer combined system (Focal Solution 25a1). This has a 10\" Access Subwoofer with the power for the subwoofer provided by a 300 watt mono amplifier and an additional 2-channel amplifier (100 watts per channel) which offers the ability to power the front two JL Audio speakers.

Would the above be alright for a Civic Hybrid or too much to handle?