I need to buy new tires for my 2005 Civic Hybrid, size 185/70 R14 and am having trouble finding them.

What options are available now for LLR tires in 14 inch?
And why is it so hard to find them?

Is Low Rolling Resistance not needed as much now? Not selling well?
Are 14 inch tires used/installed much less now? If so, why is that?

My research:
I found some recommendations by Consumer Reports and others and tried to find the tires.

Bridgestone, Yokohama do not make any 14 inch tires
Goodyear and Cooper donít make any LLR tires
Continental does not have a 14 inch LLR.
The Ecopia doesnít fit, no 14 inch.
Cooper GFE is no longer available.
Energy Saver A/S is not in 14 inch

I think I found one; Michelin Defender, but from what iíve read, it doesnít seem as good for LLR.

Does anyone have any options for a 14 inch LLC?
Do you know of any LLC that is available in 14 inch?
Have you bought anything recently?

Thank you,