The Civic hybrid is a great car! I've been thinking about SOLUTIONS to IMA problems.

Most of my issues started one year ago when I brought the car in for airbag sensor recall. The IMA software was upgraded, out of warranty, without my permission. Honda will not put it back. I know many companies now watch forums, so hopefully this posting will make it past the front line.....

Most of the complaints center around the IMA control software. Issues are operating temperature, dumping charge, and usable battery capacity. These parameters and algorithms are all programmable. If enough customers request a fix for these issues, I think Honda will respond.

Suggested improvements for new IMA software:
1) More usable battery capacity (use more of discharge curve)
2) Wider temperature operating range (especially hot)
3) Improved IMA error indication/diagnostics (battery capacity-value/percent would be best, thermal, or current/charging error)
4) Backward compatibility (including original 2003 software)

Any other suggestions?