I have a 2008 HCH (79K), and have just returned from a 9 day vacation (the car has been in our building's garage unused during this time). When we got home last night and tried to go out, the 12v battery light, the IMA light, and the Malfunction Indicator light all came on; none of them have been on previously. I had the car serviced at the Honda dealer a couple of months ago, and they only concern I had was that the battery seems to charge and discharge erratically, so I asked them to check it. They said everything seemed fine, but that the 12v battery might need replacing soon (they didn't feel it needed to be done right then).

Is it possible that all these lights are on because the car has been sitting for 9 days and the batteries have discharged? I left the car for this length of time last year and nothing happened. I have the Honda Care coverage, so I have arranged to have the car towed to a dealer tomorrow (today is Sunday). Any advice or thoughts?