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    Hello, send photos and

    Hello, send photos and prices to me too.

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    Has anyone tried these

    Has anyone tried these (Yabo, King King) battery assemblies?
    These manufacturers have been posting details for weeks but have not seen any results.

    I am an electrical engineer. I am interested in trying a set for my 2003 Civic Hybrid but have been warned by friends about the quality from some manufacturers. Prefer to buy new rather than used. My e-mail: ppeitzer@optimum.net

    Original ones were Panasonic/Matsushita but have not found a good source for wholesale D cells.

    My car is 2003 HCH with 126K miles. Batteries were OK until controller software was upgraded a year ago during airbag recall. The reduced capacity due to software was not the right thing to do for a 9-10 yr old battery! I tested my IMA assembly this summer at 4.5 - 5 AH, so there was still a lot of capacity the controller was not using. I notice IMA assist dropping out about 3/4 up a hill. Never got IMA error until software upgrade. Wish I had a way to flash the old sofware back.

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    YaBo has agent in US

    YaBo has agent in US

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