OEM 7.2V/6500mAh NiMH Rechargeable Honda Civic Hybrid Battery Replacement, looking for global agent.

Our superiority:

1. High degree of consistency in all NiMH battery cells
2. Low self-discharge
3. Long life span - work for 6 years approx
4. 1 year warranty


Approximate Weight(g): 1100

Nominal Capacity(mAh): 6500(IEC)

Nominal Voltage(V): 7.2

Internal Resistance (m?): ?9.6

7.2VDischarge Capacity7.2V Cut: ?70%

Specific Energy (Wh/kg): ?45

Peak Power (W): ?130(DOD50%)

Specific Power(W/kg): ?850(DOD50%)

Peak Discharge(30C Discharge, 70%SOC, 4.8V Cut-off): ?10S

Peak Charge(15C Charge, 50%SOC, 9.96V Cut-off): ?10S

Max Continuous Discharge(15C Discharge, 70%SOC, 4.8V Cut-off): ?60S

High Temperature Performance(50C Charge/Discharge Capacity Rate): ?70%

Low Temperature Performance(-20C Discharge Rate): ?80%

Charge Retention(30 Days): ?75%

Working Temperature: -20C to +55C

Storage Temperature: -40 to +65C

Cycle Life(C/3 Charge,1C Discharge): ?800cycles

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