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C3-4: Intervertebral disc is within normal limits. No bulge or protrusion present.
I did not have RAI (actually, don\'t know what that is). My thyroid was found to not be cancerous, so no further treatments were needed after its removal.
I dont really know where to start but I work with this girl which I just find so hard to get over her. We talk everyday and she calls me all the time. She always tells me about things that are going on with her and she messes with me sometimes and flirts but sometimes I think she is just kind of playing games. I dont get that vibe that she likes me though and I dont know why. I always see it as her just seeing me as a good friend but I think because I like her so much that I get blinded by her calling me all the time and think that she is interested. Its hard because I want to get over her because I dont think she wants to be with me like that.