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    Interstate 'sweet spot' for mpg

    new to this forum. driving a 2007 HCH for about 6 months.

    changed oil & filter, freshened tranny fluid and replaced air filter. also, pumped up tires to max. recommended pressure.

    going on the road for the first time, about 850 miles, 1-way, from so. indiana to dallas/ft. worth, texas area: essentially flatland driving with summer temps.

    question: does anyone have references or experiences to share about interstate driving, esp. what speed yields optimum balance between time and mpg?

    thanks for your considerations,

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    Larry, You might check out

    You might check out my website (www.philsautoonline.com) and click on the page for hybrid fuel economy issues. I own the first generation Civic and yours is the second generation (my terminology, not Honda's). I have a new battery pack which I built that picked my MPG up about 5mpg, but that aside, 65mph works really well on the CVT for fuel economy on the flat. I realize that is boring, but since you have a pretty good drive, what not try a couple hundred miles at the 65mph speed, then reset your fuel economy minder and kick it up to a faster speed. Compare the readings and see if the time saved is worth the extra fuel. I have found the MPG indicator to be a bit optimistic, about 3mpg over what you actually get, but it is good for comparison purposes at any rate, even if not completely accurate.

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    With my 2006 HCH I typically

    With my 2006 HCH
    I typically get above 40 mpg at 65 mph.
    I see a mpg increase of 5 to 10 mpg when I stay around 55 mph
    And at 45 mph I get between 55 and 60 mpg (when the weather is warm and the road is flat)..
    MPG is a fickle beast and changes with both temperature and your (the drivers) driving style.
    I bought my HCH to see how many mpg I could get with it and after 6 years of driving it I'm still learning new tricks for getting more.
    1: optimal rpm
    2: how to use cruise control ( when to set it and when to shut it off)
    3: how to get up hills, how to get down hills, mountains, etc.
    4: how to navigate the nascar style rush hours
    Don't get me wrong, I love averaging 40 to 50 mpg, but I don't understand why I can't buy a production gas powered car that gets100 mpg, and have been able to buy it 5 years ago..

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    I found a route where I

    I found a route where I could drive mostly 35 mph for 50 miles or so last week. I just topped of the tank and reset the trip A meter. When I started my test run at 8:30 pm it was 84 F degrees. It was 75F or 76F when I finished the test run.
    I was trying to break 70mpg for the run. My trip showed 73mpg or so twice during the test run. Also there were parts of the route where the
    Speed Limit was 45 mph and 55 mph.
    The noticeable part of the route for me was as the temperature dropped below 80 F degrees after sunset, the mpg dropped below 70 mpg and at the end of the 50 mile test run, where I crept along at around 35 mph for most of the test route my trip meter was showing 67 mpg.

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