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    Toyota to Offer Hybrid Lexus Sedan in 2006

    LA Times, 3-24-05

    From Bloomberg News

    Toyota Motor Corp., the world's largest seller of gasoline-electric autos, said its next hybrid would be a Lexus luxury sedan able to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in less than six seconds.

    The Lexus GS 450h will start sales next year and will be Toyota's first hybrid with rear-wheel drive, the company said. Toyota said the sedan's combination of a V-6 engine and an electric motor would get about 30 miles per gallon of gasoline.

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    Toyota to Offer Hybrid Lexus Sedan in 2006

    It's here at the NY Auto Show right now. Go to http://www.autoshowny.com/vehicle/ga...ml?debuts-2005 and scroll to page 5 to see a photo.

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    Toyota to Offer Hybrid Lexus Sedan in 2006

    See what I said in the "reality of hybrids" section.
    Toyota/Lexus is only interested in hybrids inasmuch as it leads them to push cars with barely acceptable CAFE limits but better performance. 30 miles per gallon is really unimpressive. In Europe they do make diesel performance cars like the Mercedes that get better mileage than that.

    If you get any car that has a 0-60 of 6 seconds and you think you are saving the planet, you need a reality check. This is why I'm saying that simply pushing hybrids is not good enough, they must be met with greatly increased corporate average fuel economy. People must stop worshipping at the altar of performance.

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    Toyota to Offer Hybrid Lexus Sedan in 2006

    You make a good point, but on the other hand... Making this type of hybrid which replaces a V8 with a hybrid V6, and offering the option to people who would only consider a vehicle with this type of performance is a step in the right direction.

    At least it's a choice, and compared to a comparable non-hybrid version, it's a lot better in terms of efficiency and emissions. So if a person refuses to "stop worshipping at the altar of performance," isn't it a good thing that they can at least buy a better version of the vehicle?

    I know that you're addressing something that is more at the root of the problem, and these "performance" hybrids are more like treating the symptoms than curing the disease, but at least it's an improvement.

    And, it's a big step for hybrid technology in general, in terms of gaining public awareness and acceptance.

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    Toyota to Offer Hybrid Lexus Sedan in 2006

    Public acceptance is not good enough, it has to have tangible results. These performance hybrids are really just a giant snow job. Where are the real economy car hybrids that have been promised for ages?

    Let's say that SUV's in the next 4 years are all hybrids. Will that decrease our reliance on foreign oil or reduce greenhouse gasses? Not necessarily. Not if it allows them to push SUV's harder, and even more of the fleet gets converted over to light trucks. If everybody drives hybrid Hummers, that's still alot of fuel.

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    Toyota to Offer Hybrid Lexus Sedan in 2006

    i have to agree with randykato. if hybrids arguments are akin to sailboats verses powerboats, then we're really just discussing the merits of various types of sailboats. if everyone HAD a hybrid we'd be tons better off then before. regardless of the type of hybrid.

    after all, economy cars have been around for over 30 years, and they certainly never became the *norm*. ~ mainly because of the lack of performance. lack of extras. lack of overall capabilities. and they always looked so stupid!

    if the manufacturers were to put out 100% hybrids - even with the thin joke of just the autostop-start feature, we'd be seeing results very quickly.

    i also think simply having the miles per galon display would gain 2 MPG per every car out there.

    hybrid or not it's a good step forward.

    see ya

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    Some diesel might get better

    Some diesel might get better mileage but diesel fuel costs more in general. I much rather prefer a hybrid that runs on regular fuel than a diesel car that costs more to fuel up for a slight increase in gas mileage. It adds up in the end with diesel.

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