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    Handy Accessory for 2004-2009 Toyota Prius

    The cup holders in my 06 Prius are handy for storing sunglasses, phones, etc. but I wanted to use them for actually storing a cup of coffee. So I'm thinking - wouldn't it be great to use that flat, carpeted space between the front seats? I made a little tray out of wood to fit in that space, so I can keep my ID badge and phone charger out of my pockets and out of the way.

    Other Prius people thought it would be handy for them too, so I made a bunch out of plastic (with recycled content, of course : ). Other Prius owners can check it out or get theirs at http://www.thecarcubby.com.

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    I am glad to see all the

    I am glad to see all the great upgrades that are going on with the toyota prius. I am such a big fan of the car. It come from nothing and now is awesome. Spa Orlando FL

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