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    2005 Escape Hybrid getting 10mpg

    hey I'm just looking for some help or an explanation as to why my Escape is getting such terrible mileage. I see everything appears to be running well on my screen as far as the engine and motor running in sync or the use of just the electric motor when I come to a stop. The issue is whenever i go into only electric mode my mpg drops dramatically. With the engine on ill be getting around 20mpg at the max and when it shuts off or if im just coasting down a hill my mileage has sometimes even dropped below 7mpg. Can someone please explain to me what's going on and how i can fix this?

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    So is this the mileage

    So is this the mileage displayed in the instrument cluster? Sounds very peculiar that it would drop while in EV. If everything else is OK it is most likely a problem with the instrument cluster.

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