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    2004 Civic battery question

    I am currently looking to buy a 2004 Honda Civic hybrid. It has 86k miles and is right around 8,400. I haven't been to look at the car yet, but from what I have heard this is the point where battery replacement becomes an issue. What should I look for to tell if the battery is good or is nearing the end of its life when I go check out the car? This would be my first hybrid so I am still a bit in the dark on it. ANy help would be awesome! Thanks everyone.

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    I've got '04 Civic hybrid

    I've got '04 Civic hybrid with 233,000. Never had any battery issues.

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    Got a 2004 Hybrid Civic.

    Got a 2004 Hybrid Civic. Crossed 90,000. Yesterday the IMA light came on.

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    Don't buy it. It might go

    Don't buy it. It might go to 230K+, or like most of the rest of us (04 HCH Owners) it is very close to failing, and costing you another 4 grand over the purchase price. A lot of people are ditching their hybrids, if you can't live without an 04 Civic Hybrid, buy one cheap and just get a new battery for it off the bat. Or consider buying a well-built car from a company that can stand behind it. I wish I had.

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