I need some sage advice. I currently live in NJ and love my 2000 Jeep Cherokee Limited. My family and I fish lakes from a 15? boat (trailered), but also love driving our miles of beaches to go surf fishing. My Jeep still does its job and runs well, but also realize it canít last for years and years to come, with nearly 185K, so Iím reading up on what to get next. I want to lower my carbon footprint, but wonder about hybrids on the beach. I spoke to the Chief of the LA Lifeguards last Fall and he had nothing but great things to say about the 100 Ford Escape Hybrids they use, pretty much stock underneath. This is fine, but thereís the counterargument that hybrids donít always beat high gas mileage gas engines, so whatís the point? Thereís also the issue of increased cost. And finally, thereís the issue of battery life, meaning how long will the batteries work on the beach before giving out and the vehicle reverting back to the gas engine? On pavement, you just lose overall performance power, which just makes your ride wimpy. But on sand, I doubt Iíd be able to drag my Escape up a hill through heavy mashed potatoes (where its always soft and deep above the tidal water line) and over the exit ramp. Are there any off-roading advice articles? Iím certain that while I doubt the average beach driving surf fisherman cares much about hybrids and electric vehicles, I believe we need to do what we can to look into the future, and gasoline just isnít going to be there forever. I want to do my part to move forward, but if the technology isnít quite there yet, and I should wait and nurse my Cherokee for several more years to see Detroit put something out, Iíll do just that. Thanks tons.