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    Building A Diesel Electric Hybrid Conversion Kit Need Sponsors

    Hello all. I am currently looking for supporters and sponsors that are interested in assisting me develop my diesel electric hybrid conversion kit. I have all the designs developed, now it is just building a prototype. Here are some specifics of what I have.

    Diesel engine is going to be a twin cylinder, water cooled, turbo charged, intercooled, 0.8L diesel engine. The engine already meets EPA Tier IV specs. Max rpm is 3600. The engine is further enhanced by several scientific technologies (like engine coatings, ect...). Looking at 50 miles per gallon minimum fuel efficiency. Other technology is being created to increase this above 60 miles per gallon.

    Generator will be 12kw to 15kw and will produce all power required to cruise a vehicle at 90 MPH at rated fuel efficiency.

    Using a permanent magnet motor drive assembly with an IVT (already in negotiations with company for rights). Total electric motor power will be 40KW. We are going to integrate the gear train into the electric motor for an IVT gear motor, though this is in the advanced stages of the kit.

    Battery pack is small, 4KWH, and only used for acceleration of the vehicle. Regen breaking captures braking energy.

    I hope this interests some of you and that you might become a contributor and/or sponsor to my project and cause. You can view my website, www.greenenergyconversions.com, for more information or to contact me directly, via email or phone. If you can't contribute money, then please tell your friends and family about it via facebook or twitter. All donations come with rewards, such as parts listing, coupons for future kits, official sponsorships, ecetera.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Thanks for the interesting

    Thanks for the interesting article. I'm in the early noodling stage of figuring out how to conver my 1997 Subaru Outback 5 speed wagon to diesel-electric hybrid operation. Currently the vehicle has 181,000 miles, runs well and gets about 29 mpg. It seems like the greenest thing is modify my current car with better technology rather than sink $25,,000 or more into the latest Toyota McMuffin. I waited for years for Subaru to introduce a hybrid; like nuclear fusion, it's coming next year. I waited for Honda to create a hybrid element, still waiting. So much great technology is available in Europe & Asia while we're offered skip. I look forward to learning more about your venture and would be grateful for any guidance you could provide. Thanks and good luck. Pk

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