last night my car died while I was at work I called someone to come jump me and we did get the car running plan on the way home I noticed that the battery was not recharging, my feet on the dashboard was flashing my emergency brake light ima light and the check engine light were all on. I was also told that my brake lights were not working on the ride home. today I tried to start the car which failed, so again I tried to jump the battery, only this time it would not even turn over. no interior lights no radio no headlights brake lights nothing will turn on. I went down to the auto parts store and got a new battery, only to find out that the original battery still had just left. I'm getting a battery fuse in the morning from honda and am wondering if this is likely to fix my problem. the car is an 05 with 220,000 miles, but has been well maintained over the years. The fuse is eighty amp labeled battery which must be directly ordered from honda. my main concern is that I'm falling into a money pit I'm wondering ifu think this will fix it